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A1 Agent Locksmith - (941) 750-0501

Hello! And Welcome to A1 Agent Locksmith. We are the number one rated Locksmith in Bradenton. Our company has been dedicated to assist you in all of your Locksmith needs, for over 15 years. We strive every day to ensure that you are always receiving the highest quality in Locksmith products, as well as the highest customer service provided. Even though we are a Bradenton Locksmith Company, we proudly serve all surrounding areas for your Locksmith needs including; Sarasota, Palmetto, Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach, Longboat Key, Palma Sola, Parrish, Whitfield and a few others as well. One day, you may find yourself stuck at work or in the middle of a parking lot locked out of your vehicle. Have no fear, A1 Agent Locksmith is here! You are always just one phone call away from fast locksmith service, no matter where you are located at. Another thing that sets our business apart, is that we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whether it is after work around 5pm or early morning around 2am, we are not too far away to come help you. Our employees here at, A1 Agent Locksmith, are able to repair or replace any type of lock. We have worked on some of Bradenton's well known corporations to change, replace or rekey their locks. We also work for the average homeowner, who may have locked themselves out of their residence. We do not discriminate nor do we decide who we prefer to help when they are in need of a locksmith. We assist all of our customers equally. So whether you are the President of a corporation or the every day average person needing your locks repaired, our local Bradenton Locksmith company is here to help you.

Having a Bradenton locksmith on your side can be very beneficial. If you are ever locked out of your home or vehicle or even your business, we are always available to assist you. With not having set hours like a normal running business, we are ready to work no matter the time. Our specialized staff at A1 Agent Locksmith, has been through vigorous training to handle every job large or small. Call us for all of your Bradenton Locksmith needs.

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Having a problem with your gate or your garage door?
Just moved in and need your locks changed?
Thinking of having a high security lock to better secure your house or business?
Our security Locksmith consultants will be happy to assist you.

Home Locksmith Services

Bradenton Residential Locksmith

Key Benefits

Canít find the keys to your home?
Our residential locksmith services provide you with a quick
And affordable solution to an ever so common problem.
For 24/7 availability in a residential lockout emergency.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Bradenton Automotive Locksmith

Key Benefits

Unlock or Repair Vehicle Trunk Locks
Modify or Replace Vehicle Door Locks
Replace or Duplicate Vehicle Ignition keys
Make Duplicate Vehicle Keys
Install Keyless Entry Remotes
Program Keyless Remotes
Replace Vehicle Key Remotes
Repair or Alter Vehicle Ignition Switches
Open or Unlock Vehicle Doors
Make Duplicate Vehicle Trunk Locks

Commercial Locksmith Services

Bradenton Commercial Locksmith

Key Benefits

Master Key Systems Created
Lock Replacements
Keypad Access
Keypad Replacement
File Cabinets
And Much More
If You Have A Problem Thats Not Listed Please Call.

Call Center Scams
It is very important that you know exactly who you are talking to on the other end of the phone. I am referring to Call Center Scams. There are times where you will call a company looking for information or needing assistance with a product or service. When you reach an associate, you begin to describe the objective of your call. However, are you really talking to someone who works at that exact business? Or are you talking to someone who is in an entirely different state? That is what a Call Center Scam is. It is an out of state business that was hired by a company to answer calls on the behalf to that company. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Well the problem is, the scam centers will provide you with basic information and quote you prices that are not correct. We will inform you on how to watch out for scam centers as well as how to not get fall for their scam.
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Are you Locked Out of the Home? You'll need a Good Local Locksmith.
We have all been in situations to where we have either locked ourself out of our home, or left the keys in the car while it is locked. When that happens, you immediately panic and then reality sets in. All the standard questions will come to your mind. Who can I call to help me? How am I going to unlock my vehicle? How much am I going to be charged for someone to come to my location and unlock my door? The answer will generally be, a Locksmith. You need a professional who's main objective is unlocking vehicle's, residential homes as well as businesses. A locksmith is your go to person no matter what time of day it is or where you are located at.
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Get to know A1 Agent Locksmith
Every time you are wanting to hire a Locksmith company to perform work duties for you, try to understand the background of the business. If you are on a website you can look under the About Us page. That is where you will learn who works for the business, how the locksmith business was originated and their goal as a company. At A1 Agent Locksmith, we try to educate you with all the personal information as to what makes us a great and highly reputable locksmith business. Our standards are high and our work performance is never less than excellent. When reading about our company, you will learn how passionate we are in what we do. Every employee here loves what they do and it shows in all the work we do as a Locksmith company.
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Bump Key Proofing
There is a technique that was discovered years ago, called bump keys. The problem with these keys, is that anyone can use them and damage the springs in your locks. However, A1 Agent Locksmith is not prone to using them. When you call our locksmith company to assist you in unlocking your home, we bring our professional locksmith tools to unlock your door in a professional manner. Bump keys are used by people who are not qualified locksmith, to gain quick access into your home. The bump key acts as a duplication key, confusing the springs of your residential lock. Which will then result in your unlocking the lock and opening the door. However, only unexperienced Locksmiths use this technique.
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Smart Lock Specialists
There are several varieties of Locks that are now being assembled on doors these days. There is a Smart Lock that prevents anyone from trying to break into your home. There are actually specially designed tools that are needed to rekey the lock as well. The bonus regarding these locks, is that you do not have to replace them, unless they are broken. They are a real asset to those who are in a constant need of changing locks. Smart Locks are available in any retail store.
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Locksmith Bradenton
While being located in Bradenton, we are in the heart of all locations including Sarasota, Palma Sola, Anna Maria Island, and many other surrounding areas. We are the number one chosen Locksmith here, because of our outstanding work. A1 Agent Locksmith was originated here due to the large amounts of lockouts that we have. Our main focus is to accommodate our customers and to do our job professionally as well as politely. We know that these are frustrating times when we forget our keys in the house or lock them in the car. Having said that, this is where our company is here to step in and help you.
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Master Keying
Wouldn't it be nice to have one object that is able to operate several things? Well It is possible. We all carry around numerous amounts of keys that we cram onto one key ring. But the truth is, some of those keys are for unlocking every door in your home or rental. Why not have one key to control every lock? Instead of having 5 different keys for 5 different doors, you can have the convenience of just using one key only. A Master Key is described as having an individual key that is able to control or operate several similar things. These types of keys are relevant to landlords, who are wanting to have a Master Key along with the tennant, in case of emergency or eviction.
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Replacing Door Locks
Have you ever thought about Replacing Door Locks to add protection to your home or office? Here at A1 Agent Locksmith, our specialized technicians will advise you to replace your locks every once in a while. This will give your home or office more security in case someone has previously attempted to break in. By replacing your locks, you are adding more pressure to burglars. Contact your local Bradenton Locksmith today for more information.
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Garage Door Locks
Protecting your home is a major priority. But what if we told you that your home is not completely secured? When was the last time that you have had your garage door looked at? Here at A1 Agent Locksmith, it is our priority to ensure that your home is as safe as possible. We know how important your home as well as belongings are. Contact us today for further information on how we can help make your home more secure.
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A1 Agent Locksmith works alongside several local corporations around the Bradenton and Sarasota areas, who we highly recommend:
AC Today, located in both Bradenton and Sarasota, is the number one rated Sarasota Air Conditioning Company. Is your AC unit not blowing cold air? Do you think the heat is not turning on? Their team is on call 24/7 to assist you with any emergency you may have, whether it be day or night. With the highest quality air conditioning products, they are sure to exceed your expectations. With having two locations, they are able to be at your door within a short amount of time. Also, with being rated number one for Bradenton Air Conditioning Repair Service, they possess a very remarkable reputation.

We have been with D Boi Designs for over 3 years now and have never received anything but perfection from this Local SEO company. With all of their hard work ethics and professionalism, they have really made a difference in our companies online marketing success. We can't thank them enough for all the hard work they put in for us on a daily basis.

By: Paul Ewing

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